Bleacher Seats

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Bleacher seats have been the standard in stadium seating since the beginning of modern stadium construction. Their predecessors were the terraced stone benches of the great Roman and Greek stadiums, where spectators watched the entertainment of the times. In early twentieth century America, when football became the national pasttime, stadiums were built with wooden bleacher seating.

Stadium Bleacher Seats

Bleacher seats are still the standard form of seating at most high school and college stadiums, as well as at small athletic fields across the country. They continue to be an economical and efficient way to seat as many people as possible into an arena. Since there is no assigned seat, people can fit more tightly into each row, if necessary. Bleacher seating also has the advantage of being potentially portable. Temporary bleachers can be set up and disassembled relatively quickly and easily.

Today's bleacher seats are usually made of steel or aluminum. Since so many stadiums use bleachers, products have been developed to make them more comfortable. Seat cushions are a lightweight and portable option. Stadium ground chairs can be set on top of bleachers in cold and wet conditions. Plastic seats that attach to bleachers can be carried to and from the event.

The Classic Stadium Seating Option

Bleachers are still used even in new stadium construction. Certain sections of new stadiums feature bleacher seating as an alternative to more expensive chair seating. It is the preferred seating for those who enjoy the traditional stadium experience, and it continues to be a practical way of maximizing seating capacity.

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