Champion Seat

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The Champion seat is a chair designed specifically for sports complexes, arenas and large venues such as stadiums and auditoriums. Because it utilizes high-density no-break plastic this chair is practical for heavy use, and it will not chip or peel when exposed to the elements. It is available in floor- and riser-mount designs.

Why Is It Different?

The difference between stadium seating is often found in the materials of which they are made. The Champion seat is the only stadium seat made of solid injection-molded polypropylene. This is considered a no-break plastic, which means that under stress it does not tend to crack or tear. The flexibility of this plastic gives it an advantage over steel, concrete or cast iron in that it will give when weight is applied.

Champion stadium seating comes in five designs to accommodate different possible situations. The floor-mount seat is ideal for new construction and bolts onto concrete terraces. The bleacher-mount model fits on top of existing concrete or wooden bleachers to eliminate the discomfort of cold, hard bleachers. A portable version of this seat is available. It gives stadiums the option of renting a seat to fans who would prefer a chair to bleacher seating. If these options do not fit your budget, then the Champion fixed seat mount will attach to bleachers and provide a comfortable seat without a back.

The Champion Seat Fits Many Needs

Stadium seating has advanced to meet the growing demands of the sports and entertainment industries. Champion stadium seating utilizes new technology in plastics as well as ergonomic design to bring a greater degree of comfort to people who are preparing to spend a lot of time sitting. This translates into a more satisfying experience for everyone.

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