Church Seating

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Church seating is available from online suppliers of stadium and auditorium seating. Advances in the form and function of stadium seating has led to changes in the way church seats are made. Today, many churches are outfitted with upholstered chairs that feature folding seats similar to what is seen in theatres.

Features Of Church Seating

Church seats can be customized to suit specific needs. For example, kneelers may be added as needed. Fixed seats are traditional in style and will look more like the customary pew, the staple of church seating for centuries. However, folding seats will allow for more seats in an area. Their thinner profile is conducive to traffic flow.

The styles available in church seats vary. A contemporary worship setting may call for a simple style. A more ornate look can be achieved with the addition of decorative scrollwork. This gives the chairs the look of fine furniture. Pew ends which are attached to the sides of the chair come in many styles and stains. Church seats can be pews, which are bench seating and can be upholstered, or individual chairs.

Consultation Available

When researching which church seating will suit your needs, consider a consultation with large-venue seating professionals. They can help determine the best configuration for your seating as well as help you choose the style and features that will work best. There are also options in used and refurbished seating for those on a limited budget.

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