Church Seats

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Church seats come in a variety of styles and with features to suit each particular place of worship. Advances in the construction and materials used in stadium and auditorium seating has also opened up more options in church seating. The pew-style church seat is no longer the obvious choice.

Church Seats For Every Need

Of course, a pew is always a good option when space is a consideration, but stadium-type seating is becoming popular as a comfortable alternative. Folding seats make these chairs compact and conducive to traffic flow through the rows. Advanced foam materials make these chairs comfortable, and upholstery gives them the look of furniture. Bench seating is available, if preferred, and can also be upholstered for greater comfort.

A fixed-seat chair or pew gives a more traditional look. Decorative details can be added if desired. If fixed seating is not in your budget, consider moveable chairs designed to stack and be put away when necessary. This is a good option when the room being used is multi-purpose. Individual chairs can be upholstered and are made to fit side by side. Some even attach to each other for greater stability.

Online Suppliers

Church seats of every kind are available online. Consider getting a professional consultation regarding the type and quantity of church seating for your space. Online suppliers are a valuable resource for information, and will know about the latest designs and materials.

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