Outdoor Seating

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Outdoor seating has taken on new forms and functions in recent years, thanks to the demand for comfortable stadium and camping seating as well as advances in materials. Outdoor stadium seating is now made to be either fixed or portable, and has features that can be added later as needed. Bleachers can be retrofitted with chair seating either permanently or temporarily.

Today's Outdoor Seating

Advanced materials make today's stadium seating durable and easy to maintain. Solid injection-molded plastic construction protects against breakage and never need painting. Portable seats fold into a compact and easy to carry size, and thus can be used for any outdoor activity. A stadium seat can double as a ground chair when camping. Fixed seats are floor- or bleacher-mounted, bolting directly to cement risers or bleachers. This type of seating comes with arms and backs, if desired.

Fans can rent seating and strap it to a bleacher. This can be a simple seat or a seat with a back. Backs and seats fold to make the seat compact for carrying. Another option is a stadium chair that slides onto a bleacher and can be removed after each event. These can also be rented out to the fan by schools or sports facilities.

Seating For Stadiums

Advances in outdoor seating benefit stadium construction and anyone who is remodeling an old stadium. It gives more options in seating to those who don't want the expense of tearing out old bleachers. It is versatile and affordable, can be fixed or portable and is designed for low-maintenance.

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