Stadium Chairs

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Each stadium or arena is likely to have different needs in stadium chairs. These chairs can be made to the specifications of each customer. Some venues may have need of a stadium chair that is designed to be retrofitted onto a bleacher. For new stadiums, a floor-mounted chair may be the better choice. Sometimes, the configuration of the arena is a consideration, regarding which chairs will best fit the space.

Modern Stadium Chairs

Today's stadium chairs are a far cry from the wooden bleacher seats and early hollow plastic designs. There are more options in style and function, as well. A stadium that already has wooden or metal bleachers or cement risers can upgrade to a high-density solid injection-molded chair without having to tear out the old seating. These "bleacher-mount" chairs are designed to attach onto the existing bleachers. These chairs are available with or without seat buckets.

Another option in stadium seating is the floor-mount chair. The new designs in these chairs are made from advanced plastics that are resistant to weather and corrosion. They never need painting, and therefore require less maintenance. For the stadium owner, getting as much seating into the arena is a priority. These floor-mounted chairs have a very thin profile, allowing more of them to fit into each column.

Designed For Comfort

Finding stadium chairs that are both economical and comfortable is the goal of every stadium owner and designer. Today's designs have taken the concept of stadium seating to a new level for both the purchaser and the sports fan. So, whether the plan calls for new build or a stadium remodel, chairs are available that will suit the purpose.

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