Metal Span Buildings

Written by Sierra Rein
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No matter which style you choose, metal span buildings are a great way to house, store, and maintain the things in your life that you care about. With their incredible variety and simple design, these steel buildings are meant for wear, tear, and plenty of abuse. However, they require only a few days until completion and only about four or five strong hands to put them together.

The concept behind metal span buildings is easy to understand. First, a concrete floor is laid down, including two trenches on two opposing edges. The steel span arches are individually raised vertically within these trenches and fit together like a puzzle, creating two sides and a roof for the building.

The Final Building Stages of Metal Span Buildings

Depending on the previous choice made in ordering the proper supplies, the above building can be left open on either end, or closed off with an endwall and door fixture. Many metal building manufacturers make customized endwalls that can be made to your specifications, and shipped with all the other supplies. You will arrive at a structure which is both functional and attractive.

To purchase a metal span building for your residence or business, all you need to do is take your requirements to a metal building manufacturer and choose the exact items that fit your needs. You can do this in person if you live nearby one, or you can find one through the Internet, where manufacturers offer both their expertise and their products online. To view our recommended source of steel buildings built in the span style, please click on the link to the right.

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