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Steel Building Faqs

Written by Amy Hall
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Let's take a moment to review some important steel building FAQs. First, steel is a metal which is made up of various iron alloys, such as coal, limestone, and iron ore. These ingredients are melted and blended together, and then hardened to form steel. There are different grades of steel which offer varying levels of strength and durability.

Steel buildings are often preferred because they stand up better under adverse situations. In Japan, California, and Texas, for instance, steel framed buildings are often required because they will not collapse during hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes as readily as wood, stone, brick, or cement structures will. Steel is also water resistant so it will not develop rust or mildew or mold, nor will it become infested with termites.

Interesting Steel Building FAQs

Prefab steel buildings cost a fraction of the price that traditional buildings do. In addition to that, they can be assembled rather quickly and without any specialized equipment needed. All steel building packages come with all the necessary components to construct it, so you are not required to run out to the hardware store every hour for a part.

Pre engineered steel buildings can also be customized to look like traditional buildings. You can add brick facades, colored paint, shutters, windows and doors. These are just some interesting steel building FAQs that you might find useful.

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