Steel Building Structures

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are quite a number of different steel building structures to choose from, if you know what you are looking for. For most farmers, ranchers, and warehouse business owners, the larger structures are perhaps the most cost-effective. However, smaller and portable steel building plans are perhaps best for residential lands.

The simplest way to delineate between the different plans are to label them as Q, S, and P-series forms. The Q-series is basically shaped like a half-circle tube, and is designed for the large storage of grain, livestock, trucks, and large equipment. It can also be used as a warehouse or workshop for large projects, such as car repair or theatrical backdrops.

The S and P-Series Steel Building Structures

Next we have the S-series, smaller arched buildings that have higher walls and sidewall clearance. It is the most versatile of steel building plans, as it can be used both commercially (for farm equipment, shops, warehouse space) and recreationally (for boats, pickup trucks, and other vehicles). Any valuable machinery or project can be safely protected from weather by these durable structures.

Finally, the P-series buildings have a high ceiling, coming almost to a point at the top of the arch. These can be used as garages and smaller backyard homes as well as full industrial warehouse storage. A number of options are available in all these steel building structures, so if you have a question regarding any of them, please visit our recommended website for more information.

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Steel buildng structures -- types

Actually, there are two other types of steel buildings beside the steel "arch" quonset building the arthur is referring to in her article. The arch buildings, when erected, look like a giant 1/2 pipe resting on the ground. The building is composed of arches, and each arch is two feet wide composed of sections, each about 8 feet long, that bolt together to form a complete arch. Once the first arch is up you'll assemble the subsequent ones and bolt it to the first, and so on. Most are available in widths of 20' feet to 60' feet.

These types of buildings certainly do have their purpose: they are very inexpensive and very easy to install. If you want to store hay or a tractor or just keep stuff out of the weather they are just fine. However, they are very difficult to insulate and finish, they are not available in any exterior colors and with the full arch buildings you'll lose a lot of space on the sidewall because of the curvature of the building. They are also very difficult to install in any area requiing a building permit because of the very unconventional, industrial appearance.

If you'd like a complete description of the 3 types of steel buildings the best resource I've found is this website: steel It's free, no registration required, and you'll learn the 7 most common mistakes people make when buying a steel building. Very powerful and insightful information that will help anyone make the right choice for the type of building that will fit their specific needs.