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Steel I-beam Construction

Written by Amy Hall
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Steel I-beam construction is pretty familiar to most people. The I-beam is the most common type of steel building construction. It is so named because of the profile of the steel beam, which looks like a capital I, forged out of steel. This system may also be called a "rigid frame" steel building or a "red iron" steel building.

There are many benefits to the steel I-beam construction. All steel structures are durable, which makes them ideal for use in buildings for both residential and commercial purposes. Only steel will not peel, crack, split, buckle or warp under adverse conditions, including high winds, rainstorms, snowstorms, and even hurricanes and tornadoes.

Durable Steel I-beam Construction

Let's take a look at some of the other advantages to this type of steel structure. I-beam construction can be rapidly assembled, without the need for specialized tools or equipment. You can pick out steel building kits that have custom colors and other unique accessories. There are few width limitations with the I-beam construction, and it is cost-effective on larger buildings.

The I-beam system is ideal for airplane hangars and mini storage units that require individual doors. It can also accommodate higher snow load requirements. Last, but not least, the I-beam system can generally have column free interiors, which opens up the space for more storage.

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