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21st Century Car Insurance

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21st century car insurance offers car insurance to drivers throughout the west coast. Your car insurance is based on your age, health and past history of accidents and tickets. Insurance agents recommend that policyholders focus on getting an adequate amount of coverage on their policy.

21st Century Car Insurance Coverages

Liability coverage is the foundation of any auto insurance policy, and is required in most states including California. If you cause a serious accident, minimum insurance may not cover you adequately. If you feel like you are not adequately covered, a California umbrella insurance policy may be purchased for an additional fee.

If you are at fault in an accident, your liability insurance will pay for the bodily injury and property damage expenses caused to others in the accident, including your legal bills. Bodily-injury coverage pays for medical bills and lost wages. Property-damage coverage pays for the repair or replacement of things you wrecked other than your own car.

As previously stated above, online California insurance quotes are always available at 21st century car insurance. These sites give you the ability to type in the amount of coverage you want your insurance policy to carry along with the respective cost of that policy. These quotes compared with other insurance carriers will further prove that 21st century's car insurance dominate the competition.

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