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California Auto Insurance Agents

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California auto insurance agents must go through a rigorous class in order to become qualified as licensed insurance agents. Agents are required to pass tests regarding coverages, safety requirements and quotes for every policy type imaginable. When you speak to a California auto insurance agent, you can expect to receive an informative, accurate and quick answer.

21st century auto insurance demands more out of their insurance agents than most other companies. Their strict approach forces its agents to learn and abide by all rules and regulations. The 21st century car insurance workforce is 2500 strong and still growing.

The Most Sought-After Company of California Auto Insurance Agents

21st century auto insurance keeps its employees happy the same way it keeps its customers happy. They offer all employees a medical, dental, vision and life insurance plan. The employees are allowed to select the coverage they prefer and are permitted to include dependents in their plan.

Long term benefits given to California auto insurance agents include a pension plan and a savings plan. The pension plan is paid for entirely by Company contributions and allow employees to get a monthly income for the rest of their lives. Being a California auto insurance agent is not easy, but the 21st century information provided makes picking the right company look pretty simple.

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