The Case For Specialized Military Insurance

Written by sadia
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Many people upon reading that there exists specialized military insurance often wonder what the need for specialized military insurance is. Such people often have a number of valid questions that need to be adequately addressed for them to clearly see the need for specialized military insurance.

One of the commonest questions regarding the need for specialized military insurance is why one needs to take it in the first place, as in, why take up military insurance when the state is known to give generous benefit to veterans, who put their very lives at risk in defense of the state. But a closer look at the figures, especially for the last few years shows that in spite of the best efforts on the state’s part, direct financial help from the state to veterans has been steadily falling, and many countries are increasingly advising servicemen and officers to make some preparations – like taking up insurance cover while still in military service – to supplement what they get from the state, especially should a misfortune befall them in the line of duty. Therefore with falling state help to veterans, personal safety nets like taking up insurance cover become an absolute necessity to every responsible military serviceman or officer to supplement whatever they get from the state and to ensure a better life after their military service.

Having established the need for insurance cover for people serving in the military, many people are still left with a question as to the need for specialized military insurance products, like when they hear about military life insurance for example. The question here is, why go for such specialized military life insurance – why won’t ordinary life insurance cover do? But a closer look at the risks involved in military service more than vindicates the need for specialized military insurance products – like the aforementioned military life insurance. As it were, many ordinary insurance companies would hesitate to provide life insurance cover en masse to people serving in the military because of the risk such a venture would involve, and those who agree to do so would provide such cover at extremely high premium to compensate themselves for taking on higher risks. It is especially due to this factor that specialized military insurance providers like Abacus have arisen and grown over the years. Such insurance companies (like Abacus) specialize in offering military insurance products, and do so at reasonable premiums that are generally affordable to all servicemen.

Military life comes with a number of unique facets – which would leave an ordinary insurer who is not conversant with the workings of military insurance bewildered and unsure of how to develop products around them. Many people outside the military establishment are, for example, not aware that a military serviceman or officer is responsible for the military kit they are issued with upon joining the military. This means that should an officer lose their kit – which tends to be quite expensive by the way – they would have to finance its replacement out of their pocket, an idea which is quite alien to people outside the military. It is nonetheless with such understanding that one sees the need for specialized military insurance products, like Military kit insurance. A product like military kit insurance would give the officer or serviceman the peace of mind which comes from knowing that they would not have to go through financial difficult to replace their military kit should it get lost or damaged in one way or another. Ordinary insurance companies without an insider understanding of how the military works would obviously have difficulties providing such cover, which is where companies offering specialized military insurance cover like Abacus come in. Abacus, for example, offers a well structured military kit insurance which, for small monthly premiums, offers the military servicemen and officers the peace of mind of knowing that they are financially covered in the (quite likely) event of them losing their military kit.

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