American Dental

Written by Rachel Arieff
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American Dental is a dental benefits company that offers discount rates on dental work. It can save you up to 80% off dental procedures. With a national network over 25,000 dental providers, you have access to quality dentists and specialists who can deliver the dental care you need.

Now here's the interesting part. American Dental is not insurance. Rather, it's a fee-for-services plan in which you pay only for the dental work you need, when you need it. This new model of dental care was begun in response to the problems people often have with traditional insurance companies.

American Dental Offers an Alternative to Expensive Dental Insurance

Traditional insurance charges you a monthly premium. Then it has a deductible. Then it may disagree with the necessity of your treatment, or your frequency of office visits. The insurance company makes all the rules, and even though you're paying it money every month, it can still deny coverage for treatments.

This is where American Dental is different. All you pay is a monthly fee of about $12 (for individuals) or $20 (for an entire household) to get access to the extensive provider network. Then you go and get the care you need, at hugely discounted prices. There are a number of options, though, and it's a good idea to research them all before committing to one plan.

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Contact information

It would be helpful if you provided the contact information for this insurance company. While I don't expect you to advertise for them, it would corroborate that the company you describe is the same as the company I am considering.
Thank you.