Ameriplan Dental

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Ameriplan dental has been saving hundreds of millions of dollars for its members every year. Since it was established in 1992, Ameriplan has become the largest supplemental health insurance plan in the nation. Not just restricted to dental plans, Ameriplan also offers quality, discount chiropractic, vision, and prescription plans--all in the same package.

The statistics are alarming. These days, seven out of ten Americans have no dental coverage at all. For many, the costs of dental care are simply out of reach. For others, frustration with the hassles and restrictions of traditional insurance plans has driven them away.

Why Ameriplan Dental is Different

Ameriplan is a fee-for-services plan, which means you only pay for your dental care when you need it. It isn't insurance because there are no premiums or deductibles. There are also none of the restrictions of typical insurance plans, such as limits on office visits or coverage for treatment of preexisting conditions.

For a monthly fee, Ameriplan dental gives you access to a national network of 25,000 carefully screened dental professionals who can save you up to 80% off many dental procedures. Additionally, with the other benefits included in the package, you can also enjoy significant savings off prescription drugs and chiropractic and vision care. All these benefits are included at no extra cost in the same package from Ameriplan. You may want to research this and other plans before choosing just one.

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