Ameriplan Usa

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Ameriplan USA began as a response to this nation's crisis in health care. More and more families are going without insurance due to the rising costs of medical services and the unaffordability of traditional insurance plans. Something had to be done. A new model for health care coverage was overdue.

Ameriplan USA: Filling a Need

Enter the supplemental insurance industry. This industry created a fee-for-services model that does away with the typical features of insurance: deductibles, premiums, and the many situations under which the insurance company won't pay for your treatment. People were tired of these limitations of the insurance industry, and angry to be paying so much for a service that they couldn't rely on.

For a fee of less than $12 a month, Ameriplan USA offers access to discount chiropractic, vision, prescription medicine, and dental plans. With Ameriplan USA, you can access a nationwide network of quality health professionals for your needs. These medical professionals charge discounted rates that let you save up to 80% off your medical care.

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