Delta Dental

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Delta Dental Plans are available for people who need supplemental insurance at prices anyone can afford. Delta is a highly reputable name in dental benefits, with many affiliates nationwide. Delta is a not-for profit organization that deals in low-cost dental care alternatives for budget-minded Americans.

Delta dental plans involve the partnership of independent dental clinics to deliver you quality dental services when you need them. These plans are popular with companies that have employees in multiple states. Delta coordinates dental plans for these companies from state to state into one coherent dental program.

The Important Role of Delta Dental Plans

Delta dental plans are the largest dental plan system in US. They've also been around the longest. Delta plans have existed since 1954, with the formation of the first dental service corporations in the Pacific Northwest. These plans have expanded over the years to include all of the United States and Puerto Rico.

These dental health organizations were initially formed by dentists who wanted to address the increased need for dental health care in America. Since then, Delta has provided multi-state and national coverage for millions of people in the U.S. It has also contributed to better dental health awareness in the community, through programs such as Smilemobiles, water fluoridation programs, and dental health education for school children, the elderly, and the disabled.

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