Dental Plans

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Dental plans have always been an utmost necessity. Even for the most frugal or fearful person, tooth and gum problems are hard to ignore. You rely on your teeth and gums every time you eat or drink, so there is nothing more miserable than having dental problems that go untreated.

In today's uncertain economic times, however, finding affordable dental care has become quite a challenge. Fewer people than ever have insurance, and even fewer have dental insurance. In fact, seven out of ten Americans have no dental coverage whatsoever! This is because of the prohibitive cost of most traditional dental insurance plans.

A New Alternative in Dental Plans

Having record numbers of Americans lacking any sort of dental coverage is simply courting catastrophe. What if there were an alternative to traditional dental insurance? Well, now there is, and it's not a moment too soon.

The revolution in dental plans, quite simply, offers this: for a small monthly fee, you have access to a network of quality dental providers. These providers offer their services to you at a discounted rate. In many cases, the savings can be quite substantial: up to 80% of the cost of dental work.

Advantages of Discount Plans for Your Dental Needs

The biggest advantage of these plans, of course, is that you get the dental care you need, when you need it. No longer will you have to suffer with pain or uncertainty about your dental health. In addition, since these dental plans are not HMOs or insurance companies, you won't be discriminated against for having a pre-existing condition.

The second advantage of these plans is the amount of money you'll save. Again, since these dental plans aren't traditional insurance, you pay no deductibles. Aside from the very small monthly membership fee, you typically only pay for services when they're rendered.

Other Benefits of These Types of Plans

Supplemental health plans are the utmost in convenience. There are no tedious claim forms to fill out. None of the typical insurance restrictions apply, such as age, pre-existing conditions, or limits on the number of visits.

Finally, the biggest benefit from these dental plans is the savings you'll enjoy. You'll know exactly what you're getting when you enroll in one of these plans--as long as you are working with a reputable company; you should never be ambushed by "surprise" charges. There are over 25,000 dental providers, including specialists, across the country who are participating in these new types of dental programs, which means there is probably someone is your area.

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