Dental Work

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Dental work is something many of us put off for as long as possible. For one thing, no one likes to have it done. Many of us have fear of the dentist's office, even though, with the advancements in dental techniques, most dental work is quite painless.

Another reason we avoid going to the dentist, though, is because of the expense. We want to hold onto our hard-earned money, not give it up to the insurance company. Yet that's exactly what most of us do with traditional dental insurance plans.

Get the Dental Work You Need at the Prices You Can Afford

Are you tired of paying out the nose for insurance? Are you sick of the premiums, deductibles, and restrictions on the dental care that you need? Do you think it's unfair to be told by the insurance company that, because you have a "pre-existing condition," your insurance is basically no good in helping you pay for treatment?

If you said "yes" to any of these questions, then a "fee-for-services" dental plan may be for you. For a fee of as low as $12 or $15 a month, you're granted access to a network of professionals who can deliver the dental work you need, when you need it--at discount rates. You will want to see if there are any dentists in the provider's network that are near you before signing up, though.

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