Discount Dental Plans

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Discount dental plans are quickly becoming the popular new form of dental coverage. These plans are fast replacing traditional dental insurance as the preferred method of maintaining dental health for individuals and families. Every day, low cost dental insurance is drawing converts from the ranks of Americans who are fed up with the outrageous costs and restrictions of dental insurance.

The roots of this change are deep. Rapidly rising costs of dental care, coupled with stressful economic conditions, have created a population of Americans who are disillusioned with the old system. In fact, seven out of ten Americans have no sort of dental insurance at all!

Discount Dental Plans: Answering a Need

Discount dental plans are different from typical insurance plans in fundamental ways. First of all, these plans are a form of supplemental health insurance. They're not actually "insurance" at all, because they have no premiums, no deductibles, and none of the restrictions on care that typifies insurance plans.

Many discount dental plans utilize a "fee-for-services" model, where you as the consumer only pay for services when you receive them. People are choosing this type of plan because, instead of expensive premiums and deductibles, they pay just a tiny fee every month for access to a nationwide network of qualified dental professionals. These dentists, in turn, charge them deeply discounted fees for their services.

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