Family Dental Insurance

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Family dental insurance needn't be a daunting expense. There are a variety of plans to choose from that can save you money, preserve your freedom and flexibility, or do both. One thing is for sure: with a little research, you can find family dental insurance that is both comprehensive and affordable.

Do you want a family dental insurance plan where you can choose your own dentist and have the most say in your dental care? Then an old-fashioned dental indemnity plan may be for you. Be aware, though, that you will save the least amount of money with this type of plan.

Other Types of Family Dental Insurance Plans

If saving the most money is your goal, then you should either look into a managed care dental plan or a fee-for-services plan. The two are very different, however. With a managed care plan is still a form of insurance, requiring premiums, deductibles, and many conditions and restrictions on care. You save money because the insurance company makes the most cost-effective decisions regarding your care.

The simplest way to go, with no deductibles, restrictions, premiums, or claim forms, is the fee-for-services dental plan. For often as little as twenty dollars a month, you and your family can receive a benefits package including dental, chiropractic and vision care, plus a prescription drug benefit. This means you pay for the care you receive, but with no restrictions and at rates of up to 80% off. For many families, this last option makes the most financial sense.

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