Family Dental Plan

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Family dental plan options are numerous these days. Sure, there are the old standbys: HMOs, dental indemnity plans, and preferred provider plans. However, be aware that you're no longer limited to traditional dental insurance for your family's dental needs.

First, let's go over the basics. If you want traditional insurance that saves you the most money, go with an HMO. If you want insurance that grants you the most freedom to choose your dentist, even if it's at the expense of savings, then the dental indemnity plan may be for you. If you want more choice than the HMO but some of the savings, try a preferred provider plan.

Other Options for Your Family Dental Plan

Now here are the new options available for your family dental plan. Skip the premiums, deductibles, and convoluted rules and restrictions of insurance coverage, and look into fee-for-services dental plans. For about $20 a month, your entire household can choose from a nationwide network of tens of thousands of dentists, with no claim forms, pre-existing condition clauses, or limits on office visits.

When your family needs dental work, they simply need to call a participating dentist and schedule an appointment. Then they'll pay greatly reduced rates for dental procedures. Throw in vision, chiropractic and prescription discounts at no extra charge, and you've got a great benefits package in place of the traditional family dental plan! It's worth the research when you find a plan that really works for your family's needs.

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