Individual Dental Plans

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Individual dental plans are now available from some providers for as low as $12 a month. Is this too good to be true? It depends how you look at it. With the statistics of the uninsured reaching a whopping seven out of ten Americans, some might counter that the situation was too bad to be true!

What's the reason for the sudden existence of these low-cost, individual dental plans? Quite simply, they sprang up in response to an acute need of consumers: access to affordable quality health care. Similarly, they're also filling a vacuum in the dental insurance industry left by the growing number of people who decide to go without insurance.

New Models for Individual Dental Plans

Rising health care costs, falling budgets, and the economic insecurity of our times all dictated that we find another model of individual dental insurance. What's happened is something that's not really insurance at all. If insurance means premiums, deductibles, and restrictions on the number of office visits and treatment for pre-existing conditions, then this popular new model can't accurately be called "insurance."

The new model for individual dental plans gets rid of deductibles, premiums, and the wide array of irritating restrictions on care, relying instead on a very low monthly fee that, in turn, grants you access to a wide network of qualified dental professionals. These dental care providers have agreed to offer their services to you at deeply discounted rates. With no waiting time, no restrictions on pre-existing conditions, and no limits on the number of office visits allowed, for most people, these are changes for the better.

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