Signature Dental Plan

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Signature is a dental care program that can save you hundreds of dollars on necessary dental work. Not a typical dental insurance plan, Signature has no claim forms, limits on visits, or many of the other annoying restrictions of insurance plans. All you have to do is show your membership card to get treatment at great savings.

The Signature dental plan exists in response to people's growing need for affordable and hassle-free dental care. People are fed up with paying the high costs demanded by insurance companies for so-so care. They're tired of being refused coverage because of "pre-existing conditions", or being limited in their number of allowed office visits.

The Advantages of the Signature Dental Plan

Signature dental puts the patient in control of his own dental health. You will never be limited to a certain amount of office visits by rigid, bureaucratic rules. Go as many times as is necessary to get the care you need.

How much can you save? Enjoy an average of 30% off your dental procedures. The Signature dental plan also includes other health benefits, including discounts in chiropractic, prescription drugs, eye care, and eye wear. Best of all, dependent family members in your household can enjoy every one of these benefits at no additional cost.

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Was totally unaware of

Was totally unaware of signature dental plan, come to know about this for the first time. Till now was paying high to dentist for my treatment but now will be getting it on my budget only because of this signature dental plan. Hope it also includes dental implants surgery, as have to do in forth coming month!

Signature contact

Another similar plan to try is Careington. Try

Telephone number

I have had Signature for 15 years. The yearly bill was paid by my mortgage company. My house is now paid off and I need to contact the insurance company but cannot find a number. Does anyone have one for them.


Signature Dental Plan Ph #

The number I have is 800-220-6203


Need phone number

I have had signature since 1994 and the phone number on the bill that was paid in 12/10 is no longer in use nor the number on the id card. Anyone with a number I would appreciate them posting it.

Phone Number

I do not know if this will help, but this is the phone number I used 1-800-346-0310. I got this thru Walmart.

Finding a dentist in my area

I've had Signature for 15 years now and have moved. Need a phone number to talk to you and also a list of dentist in my area (Saint Jo, Tx.). Thanks.

Spending Cap?

I'm wondering if there is a maximum spending cap? That's how it usually works with dental plans I guess. I'd be interested to hear more details, as far as dentistry is not my profession, but my hobby.