Student Dental Insurance

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Student dental insurance doesn't have to put a big hole in your wallet. We know you're working hard to make ends meet while you're in school. The last thing you need is to throw away your valuable cash on expensive dental insurance.

There are a variety of traditional insurance plans from which to choose for your dental care. These include the traditional dental indemnity plans, which allow you the most freedom of choice but end up costing the most. Then there are managed care dental plans, which take much of the choice away in exchange for money saved.

Other Options in Student Dental Insurance

Then there is the happy medium of the two above-mentioned plans, which is the preferred provider dental insurance plan. This allows you to choose your dentist from a network of approved dental professionals, while still saving you more money than the indemnity plan. This is a popular form of traditional student dental insurance.

Finally, there is the fee-for-services plan, also known as supplemental health insurance, which has no deductibles, premiums, or claim forms. For a very small monthly fee, you're granted access to a network of quality dentists who perform the procedures you need, when you need them, at a deeply discounted rate that you pay out of your own pocket. For many young, healthy people, this is far more cost-effective plan than traditional student dental insurance.

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