Disability Insurance Carrier

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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A disability insurance carrier that has a wide variety of policies should be easy to find. Just be careful about ads for a disability insurance provider that come in mass mailings, or that are attached to auto-health-home policies, or that are promoted by telemarketers. These are not always reliable, and may not always be legitimate.

The best method would be recommendations from friends and family; if they are satisfied with their providers, that is strong assurance of good disability insurance coverage. If you have no guidance from personal recommendations, go online and investigate the wide variety of policies available. Some Web sites of insurers are very informative, and you can get an education in terms and definitions in a short time.

The Best Carrier

The best disability insurance carrier is the one that has a plan to suit your needs and budget. Find out first if your employer offers group disability insurance. If so, you should consider getting that because even though it does not have coverage as good as individual plans, it is cheaper.

You can then look for supplementary individual coverage, if you wish. Once you have made this decision, you can determine the best coverage you can afford. There is a wide variety of plans, but they fall into the same categories: short-term or long-term coverage; specialty business plans; policies with various definitions of "disability." If you go online, you have the advantage of being able to compare plans directly from the convenience of home.

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