Disability Insurance Guidelines

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Disability insurance guidelines are readily available on the Web sites of insurers. If you just do a search for "disability insurance," you will come up with many sites to explore. Every Web site is different--some have lots of information for you to print out, if you want, and some ask you to inquire first.

You get a good idea of the guidelines for obtaining disability income insurance in a short time. Basically, you must be healthy, and have a good income. These are the two overriding criteria for eligibility.

Details Are Important

Beyond the basics, however, things get complicated if you want the best disability insurance. If you have group coverage offered by your employer, you probably want to sign up for it. Individual policies have better benefits, but you can supplement your employer's plan if you have the financial resources.

Many details are crucial to getting the best coverage for relatively low premiums. Understand the definitions of "disabled" and "disability" in disability insurance guidelines. Realize that if you have a longer beginning date from disability to the start of benefits, your premiums will be lower. Study the policies to see which ones are "non-cancellable and guaranteed renewable." What this means is the insurer can't cancel your policy except for non-payment of premiums, and your policy will remain in effect at the present rates until age 65.

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