Disability Insurance Provider

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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A disability insurance provider should have a variety of plans that are adapted to the differing circumstances of potential policy holders. No policy is "one-size-fits-all!" You may have an adequate salary that keeps you on top of your bills, but doesn't permit much to go into savings. Your father may have a high-income occupation that provides group disability insurance, among other benefits.

Your brother may have a large family; your sister may still be in college. Each of these circumstances requires personalized attention to choose the best plan from a good disability insurance provider. The fastest, most convenient way of investigating different providers and their policies is to go online and browse their Web sites.

Research Online Providers

Just search for "disability insurance" and you'll get many listings. If you know of a provider recommended by a friend or family member, go into its site and see if you can discern what makes it special. Probably, it has a range of policies with options that appeal to workers in varying circumstances. In other words, you can get a plan that fits your budget and gives you good benefits.

It is very important that the provider you select has definitions of "disability" that are known to be most favorable to the wage earner. An ambiguous definition will probably be interpreted in the insurer's favor. The best provision is one that states that benefits will be paid if the employee cannot work at the employee's "own occupation."

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