Disability Insurance Quotes

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Disability insurance quotes are readily obtained online, where you can browse the Web sites of various insurers. If your employer offers group disability insurance, ask your Human Resources department about the premiums and benefits. Individual coverage is better, but more expensive than group plans.

If you only need an individual policy, or if you can afford the higher premiums, then going online is a convenient way of comparing plans at your leisure. Of course, rates will depend on your health, your age, and your income. If you are over 50, premiums will climb, and if you are nearing 60 or 64, many companies will not offer coverage at all.

Terms of Income Protection Insurance

Get acquainted with the terms of disability insurance so you can opt for the best coverage and disability insurance quotes you can afford. If possible, you want to get a policy that is "non-cancellable" and "guaranteed renewable to age 65." What this means is the company can never cancel you, unless you don't pay the premiums, and can't raise your premiums until after age 65.

Also examine the various definitions of "disability." Generally speaking, definitions that are vague or ambiguous favor the company if interpretation becomes important. The most favorable individual coverage is for "own occupation." It costs more, but is far superior to group coverage and to other individual coverage.

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