Ny State Disability Insurance

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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New York disability insurance is meant to provide temporary assistance to disabled workers. Medical care is not covered, and cash benefits are 50% of an employee's average weekly salary up to the maximum of 26 weeks of disability out of 52 consecutive weeks. Employers must provide an employee who has been disabled longer than seven days with a Statement of Rights within five days of learning that the employee is disabled.

This is why it is essential for a worker to notify an employer immediately upon becoming disabled, whether in the workplace or off work. Excluded from eligibility are employees who change jobs to a "non-covered" employer; in New York, it is imperative that wage earners be aware of these details in the law because they might lose the right to income protection entirely. Employees who change jobs from one "covered" employer to another "covered" employer are insured from the first day of employment.

Important Details of New York Law

Be aware that medical costs are not covered, but if you belong to a union plan, or any other association plan, you are still entitled to those benefits. New York state disability insurance is voluntary, so an employer can require periodic health examinations for a disabled worker. Termination of employment may affect the worker's right to benefits, especially if the worker quits the job.

Technically, getting hurt in a car accident resulting in disability--inability to work--is an off-work injury and should be covered by disability insurance. It is, but recognize that disability benefits may offset any no-fault insurance benefits. If you are counting on payments from both sources, you will be disappointed, and may be seriously affected financially.

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