Preferred Provider Organization

Written by Lacy Carter
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Preferred Provider Organization plans, or PPOs, generally allow you to handle your health services more directly. Traditional HMOs do not let you select your own physician, so many people dislike this type of rigidity. PPOs, on the other hand, give you a select group of participating doctors from which you can seek attention.

Preferred Provider Organization Coverage
With most PPOs you do not have to see a plan doctor, but your level of coverage depends on that decision. In network providers should only charge a co-pay while out of network doctors require a percentage of the total in payment. If you are willing to pay more for each visit, you can visit a doctor who is not a plan participant.

If you don't like making decisions, an HMO is a better choice for you. Some people feel very strongly about which physician they see and want the freedom to choose and are more comfortable with the Preferred Provider Organization format. Finding the right program is just a matter of personal preference and budget.

You can expect to pay a little more for coverage with a Preferred Provider Organization program, but you might find the flexibility well worth the expense. In the long run, your satisfaction, aside from cost, is what matters most. There are many things that you can skimp and compromise on, but the quality of your health insurance shouldn't be one of them.

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