Short Term Health Insurance

Written by Lacy Carter
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Short term health insurance can become of vital importance should you have an upcoming lapse in coverage. Changing jobs or just looking for better plans can leave you without proper insurance for a set time period. Short term plans generally range from one month to up a year and can protect you just as well as regular plans.

Don't Skip Short Term Health Insurance

You may not think that you need to seek out coverage that only extends for a few months, but you really should. A break in coverage of even a week can put you in a bind should an emergency arise. You never want to let yourself go without proper healthcare for a single day.

The importance of continuous coverage is also an eligibility issue. Insurance companies are more willing to enroll people who can offer proof of contiguous coverage. Short term health insurance can help you get new insurance faster and with fewer complications.

Many people sign up for COBRA as a form of short term health insurance, but they also pay way too much. Temporary coverage is not always so costly. With just a little research you can uncover options that have all the features you want in the interim.

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