Temporary Health Insurance

Written by Lacy Carter
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Temporary health insurance is not a long-term healthcare solution, but it definitely serves a purpose. There are many people who find themselves in need of coverage for a set term due to life changes. Transitioning from one point to another doesn't mean that you have to be without insurance for even one day.

Who Needs Temporary Health Insurance?

You should never sign up for short-term health insurance with the intention of using it forever. Quite frankly, the plans are designed with limitations and will not remain active indefinitely. However, there are situations that warrant temporary solutions.

Recent college graduates face a whirlwind of changes. When you graduate you leave the shelter of school and your parents' health insurance coverage in most cases. The time between your commencement and landing a job is not one that you should brave without temporary health insurance.

When you accept a new professional position, you need to consider your insurance needs well in advance. Even if you do not have a lapse in employment, many companies have a probationary period during which the new hire is not eligible for health benefits. Temporary health insurance is an ideal solution when you are waiting for your regular insurance to kick into action.

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