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8 Things You Should Know When Shopping For Individual Health Coverage

Written by IndyAgentIDTMY
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1. Not all individual health insurance plans are the same! They may appear to be "apples to apples", but in fact many plans vary in coverage and costs according to the company. Health insurers typically offer dozens of options, with varying premiums, deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance and Networks. Be sure to carefully compare these benefits and/or have an Expert assist you with this tedious process.

2. Be careful of how and where you enter your information online at many of the Insurance websites advertising "free quotes". The majority will not give you an immediate quote and simply sell your information to dozens of agents to "prospect" you for your business. Within minutes, you will begin to be bombarded with emails and calls from every guy with an Insurance license from here to Timbuktu. Find a local Broker to help you with your search and save yourself the headaches!

3. Shopping for insurance online or by going "directly to the insurance company" will NOT save you money. Because of various state and federal laws, insurance companies cannot discount offers to online vendors or themselves. They must offer the same pricing for comparable plans, regardless of whether you buy online, direct or via your local Broker.

4. Finding the appropriate health insurance for you and your family is a complex, time-consuming project that is never a simple weekend project for amateurs. Many online shoppers get bombarded with choices and can rather quickly begin to suffer from "Analysis Paralysis" and make no decision at all. You NEED an expert who will do the legwork for you to help guide you to the appropriate coverage.

5. Insurance agents work for the Insurance company. An Insurance Broker works for YOU, the consumer.

6. Find a local Broker to help you find the best coverage available. They represent a variety of companies and help you custom build a plan to suit your terms and budget.

7. Your local Broker often works with the same big-name health insurance companies you are already familiar with, so ask them what companies they represent.

8. If you ever talk to an agent who says an insurance company won't touch you or that your "uninsurable", this sounds like someone not interested in your business. If there is coverage available for you and your circumstances, a good local Broker will help you find it!

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