Affordable Virginia Self Employed Health Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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Affordable Virginia self employed health insurance is an option that many Virginians are turning to for healthcare coverage. The number of people in the self-employed category is increasing. Job cutbacks and corporate changes are forcing many people to start their own businesses in order to have income. Many types of occupations fall into this category.

Lawyers and accountants are two of the many careers within the self-employed category. The exception would be if they were employed by a large corporation and accepted a salary and benefits from the corporation. Many small business owners are looking for affordable Virginia self employed health insurance. Dentists, funeral directors, and realtors often meet the requirements for being self-employed.

Reasons for Affordable Virginia Self Employed Health Insurance

Owning your own business offers you the opportunity to control your own destiny. With the freedom and flexibility to create your financial future comes the responsibility of providing your own health insurance coverage. An employee with insurance benefits only pays a portion of the cost. The employer picks up the rest of the expense. With self-employed individuals, the entire cost is carried by the individual.

Some affordable Virginia self-employed health insurance companies will arrange for small business owners to pay the premium of the employees with one payment. The total amount of the insurance is taken out of the employee's salary. This is not a group plan and does not come with group discount benefits. It only makes it easier on the employees to have the premium deducted from their salaries instead of making individual payments.

Self-Employed Occupations

Other types of individuals benefiting from affordable Virginia self employed health insurance include counselors, architects, and physical therapists. Freelance workers make up a large portion of the self-employed sector. Freelancers are usually in some kind of creative business such as writing, photography, designing, and translating. This differs from small business self-employed individuals since most freelancers are not committed to a specific location for employment.

With over eight percent of the population without insurance, affordable Virginia self-employed health insurance is a great need. There are many types of policies to consider. Before subscribing to a plan, do some comparison of benefits, exclusions, and inclusions of the policies. Self-employed health insurance is different from a group policy. With a group policy, you have the safeguard that once you are on a group plan, you must be accepted by another group plan if you change jobs.

More Affordable Virginia Self Employed Health Insurance Information

Self-employed individuals are on a private or individual policy. They are subject to denial of coverage, pre-existing condition exclusions for a longer period than group coverage, and rate hikes based on more limited data than group policies. This often makes the yearly increase significant, especially if the base of the self-employed policyholders shows an increase in claims for the year.

In searching for affordable Virginia self-employed health insurance, make sure you are comparing policies that offer the same coverage. Some important items to consider include the option to choose any doctor or hospital. Some plans only pay full benefit if you use a provider on their lists. Premiums may be considerably different from a PPO plan or a policy that allows you to choose any healthcare provider.

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