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Beaverton Health Care Insurance

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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As a Beaverton, Oregon, resident, you may find that you need to look for a specific type of health care insurance program as a result of unusual circumstances. For example, you may find that you need short-term coverage due to the loss of a job. When you're out of work, it can be a pretty scary prospect to consider that you may have to forego needed healthcare because you can't afford the COBRA option provided by your former employer.

There are other options available to you on the Internet. You can find the Beaverton health care coverage you need either by working with a national provider or by finding a local company that offers insurance services online. All it takes is a little research to find great Beaverton health care insurance. You will be able to compare dozens of plans in just a short time and will be able to make the best choice to cover your family until employer coverage is again available to you.

Beaverton Health Care Insurance Tips

Below are some features you should compare when you're looking at interim health care insurance:

  • Plan Basics: Does the plan cover doctor visits, emergency room care, and hospital stays?
  • Plan Extras: Does the plan cover prescriptions?
  • Plan Costs: Does the plan have a high deductible that will cost you a lot of money up front? Does it offer a lower or no deductible for a higher monthly premium? What are the total out-of-pocket costs you can expect short term or annually?
  • Plan Options: Does the plan automatically renew each month on payment of your premium?
  • Plan Wellness Options: Does the plan cover well baby doctor visits or other preventive measures?

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