Blue Cross Of Idaho

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Whether you're looking at your first health insurance coverage in the state, or are simply considering the possibilities during open season, Blue Cross of Idaho is sure to be one of your choices. The company has operated for about 60 years in Idaho, since the end of World War II. You won't be paying just for a nationally recognized name either, of course. The Blue Cross reputation for quality health care is as well deserved as it is well established. With your health and that of your entire family in your hands, you need to make the best possible choice you can.

Blue Cross of Idaho offers a variety of individual PPO plans and a medical savings plan as well as the expected strong complement of group health plan options. With about 350,000 members in Idaho and a staff of 650, the company offers customer service by both telephone and email. Chances are good that you can easily find just the right combination of monthly premium, annual deductible, prescription drug coverage, and physician choice for your needs.

Among Your Blue Cross of Idaho Options

Prevention is of course a critical component of health care today. Recognizing this, Blue Cross of Idaho includes certain wellness and preventative measures in all of its group and individual plans. These measures include routine physical examinations, immunizations, and ordinary lab tests. The immunizations include influenza virus, Hepatitis B, chicken pox, measles, diphtheria, tetanus, and polio. Standard lab work includes cholesterol screenings, pap smears, PKU, and rubella.

Aside from the large and small group plans that are based solely on company size, Blue Cross offers dental and vision plans, an employee assistance program, life insurance, accidental dismemberment, and accidental death coverage. Individual plans range from a medical spending plan to preferred provider plans to its indemnity program (known as Personal Blue).

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