California Health Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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California health insurance must be guaranteed renewable. California law limits the pre-existing condition provision in the policy. California insurance companies are allowed to enforce an exclusion for these pre-existing conditions. The length of the exclusion is determined by the number of individuals on the policy. This is different from many of the other states in the exclusion regulations.

As with many other states, if you change policies, the exclusion for pre-existing conditions can be adjusted according to the amount of time you were insured under the old policy. Likewise, adopted children and newborns are automatically covered for 31 days. California health insurance plans are allowed to continue coverage for handicapped dependents even when they reach the preset age limit for dependent coverage.

Finding California Health Insurance Coverage

California allows denial of coverage for high-risk health conditions. If coverage is offered, the premium can reflect the risk involved. California health insurance carriers cannot end your health coverage due to declining health. It is important to apply for coverage as early in life as possible and at a time you are in excellent health.

Maintaining coverage is critical to being able to obtain a policy. If you are changing jobs or need to change locations, it is important to obtain a temporary California health insurance policy. Once you are without coverage, if you have any health issues, it may be difficult to find a plan you can afford. There are many short-term or temporary plans if a conversion plan is not for you.

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