Cheap Medical Insurance In Idaho

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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When it comes to your health, it's not splitting hairs to distinguish between the words affordable and cheap. Etymologically, they mean much the same thing, but the implications are different. You're looking for cheap medical insurance in Idaho. Chances are good that you're on the proverbial horns of an all-too-familiar dilemma.

On the one hand, you recognize how important it is to have some protection against catastrophic illness or injury. On the other, you're constrained by a budget that doesn't have but so much room for growth. What do you do: opt for the lowest price you can find and hope for the best or pay a bit more and get a guarantee? Your probable best solution to cheap medical insurance in Idaho is a managed care plan, whether an HMO, a PPO, or a POS.

Looking for Cheap Medical Insurance in Idaho

The state of Idaho has more legislation related to medical insurance than most other states. One regulation stipulates that any company providing health insurance coverage in Idaho must be licensed to do so. Obtaining such a license is a bit more involved than, for example, getting a public library card.

The state department of insurance, for example, recently issued a consumer alert on the subject of cheap medical insurance in Idaho. While the term it used was discount, the point was clear. Offers of discount or cheap insurance should be scrutinized closely. Many are in fact not offers of insurance, but instead of discounts on services. Reading the fine point is as important in marketing language about insurance rates as it is in any financial, contractual, or legal agreement.

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