Child Temporary Health Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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Child temporary health insurance is a great investment when coverage is no longer available through a group or individual policy. Insuring your child is just one way to insure your savings. It is so easy for a broken leg to happen while playing sports, skateboarding, or just being a child. Without insurance, this could end up costing between $10,000 and $12,000.

Unfortunately, many individuals find themselves in a situation beyond their control where they are totally without any insurance benefits. The changing economy has put many families in dire circumstances due to layoffs and job changes. Healthy adults may opt to refrain from purchasing a temporary policy for themselves, but a child temporary health insurance plan is necessary for any family.

Advantage of Child Temporary Health Insurance

The cost of child temporary health insurance is minimal up to the potential cost of not having insurance. The deductible and coinsurance will determine the monthly payment. Temporary coverage is available for 30 days or six months, depending on the state. There are extenuating circumstances where the coverage may be extended for another six months. Payment options make the purchase of temporary health insurance easy with the choice of either a monthly payment or a total payment.

Temporary health insurance policies cover regular rates for semi-private room and board, diagnostic testing, intensive care charges, surgeries, and ambulance service. Some policies offer prescription drug coverage either as part of the price or as an add-on benefit. If you are uninsured, enroll your child today and protect your investment.

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