College Graduate Health Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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College graduate health insurance will provide the student the protection needed to make the change from student to working adult. Temporary medical insurance is available in some states for six months and in other states for as long as one year. This gives time to search for employment with insurance benefits after graduating from college.

When the time limit has expired for parents to retain the college student on their insurance policy, the hunt is on for a policy to keep the passage to full-time employment free of devastating medical expense. Coverage for emergencies such as an injury or illness can save a family from experiencing financial destruction. That is where a college graduate health insurance policy is a great option. Every college student should consider the options available prior to graduation in order to retain coverage when he or she is dropped from the parent's policy.

College Graduate Health Insurance Policies

The benefits of college graduate health insurance are scaled down tremendously from a full group or individual health insurance policy. This works great for healthy individuals who rarely see a physician since office visits are not covered. It is possible to get a discount on services such as dental and vision. Some plans offer prescription drug coverage at a reduced price.

Covered services with some policies include out-patient and in-patient hospital care. This covers surgeries and intensive care charges regardless of the location. Since college students are often not living close to home, it is good to have a policy that does not restrict the use to a particular region. This allows for the travel and relocation that often follows graduation.

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