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Dental Health Insurance

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Some employers offer dental health insurance as an optional coverage with their health plan. Often, dental services providers are limited to a very few local dentists with whom appointments are difficult to get. If you already have a dentist, you might be required to select a different one you don't know. Most galling of all, the services provided for in the plan are as limited as the number of dentists you can choose from.

You can, however, look elsewhere for dental insurance. On the Internet, you will find many major insurance companies that offer separate plans for dental coverage, and those plans may be less expensive and more inclusive than you can get from your employer. It makes sense, then, to check out these online plans.

Dental Health Insurance Options

Starting at around $100 per year for individuals and at $110 per year for families, there are a number of dental insurance plans that offer you great savings on dental services. Some of these plans offer access to thousands of dentists nationwide. You may find a plan that allows a percentage saving on all types of services.

Another plan might be a reduced-fee plan. This type of plan is one in which the insurance company has negotiated with a number of dentists to provide services at set rates that are significantly lower than they would normally charge. Whichever type of plan you choose, be sure to compare the basic rates and to consider the visits you and your family would normally have in a year. Then you'll be ready to pick the plan best suited to your needs.

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