Family Health Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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Family health insurance cost is rising just like every other part of the healthcare industry. Families are feeling the crunch of the increased cost as employers are passing on some of the increase to the employee. Even though the increase in cost is being shared between the employer and employee, the biggest portion of the hit is to the employer.

The rise in the cost of benefits for employees is causing many small employers to reduce or completely drop health insurance coverage as a benefit for workers. When a job is lost or employment benefits change, many are eligible to maintain family health insurance through the COBRA plan. This plan is limited in the length of time it is available. Some states allow 18 months while other states have exceptions to allow 36 months.

Many Types of Family Health Insurance Available

It may be necessary to obtain family health insurance through an individual policy. The difference in an individual policy and a group policy is the one responsible for the premium. A group is paid mostly by the employer while the individual policy is paid by the insured. Determining the scope of coverage needed is the first step in finding a policy that is affordable.

Finding the best family policy whether group or individual, is easy with online quotes. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the information requested on a reputable site to get the latest quotes for the coverage requested. The initial price quote will be for general information such as gender, age, tobacco use, and the location of residency. After the best quote is determined, a full medical disclosure will be necessary to determine any pre-existing conditions.

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