Family Health Insurance

Written by Charles Peacock
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Finding health insurance is always a tricky task. If your employer does not already provide you with some type of coverage, finding a policy that meets your needs and your budget can be confusing and difficult. If you are looking for health insurance for your entire family, the task can become even more difficult (not to mention more expensive).

Finding Family Health Insurance

Many people looking for private health insurance choose to go with fee-for-service providers. This type of insurance can be a lot easier and more flexible, but it can get expensive. When you're talking about insurance for several people in a single family, the deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses that fee-for-service insurance requires can add up all to quickly.

For this reason, managed care plans are a much more popular type of family health insurance. Managed care (such as HMOs) is substantially less expensive than fee-for-service coverage, but it also comes with some restrictions. In many cases, for instance, HMOs will require that you have a primary care physician who you go to for all of your medical needs. In the event that you need a specialist, this physician will refer you to one in the HMO's network.

Because HMOs utilize a network of health care providers (and usually require that you stay within this network), it is always a good idea to consider your family's needs before choosing an HMO. If one member of your family frequently requires a certain type of specialist, for instance, you'll want to make sure the HMO has a good specialist of this type in their network.

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