Florida Health Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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Florida health insurance is governed by many rules and regulations. The guaranteed renewable clause prohibits the cancellation of a policy as long as the premiums are paid properly and no false information has been supplied in order to obtain coverage. Providing false information can have much more severe consequences than just losing insurance coverage. It is a crime.

The pre-existing law for Florida health insurance is not as stringent as in some states. Two years is as far back as the insurance company can go to determine pre-existing conditions. Some states allow five years and some even have an indefinite limit. In Florida, if you have sought treatment for or were diagnosed with any condition, it is considered to be pre-existing. If you maintain continuous coverage and switch policies, the pre-existing condition restrictions can be covered by the length of time your previous plan was in existence.

Florida Health Insurance Licensure

The state of Florida licenses all insurance companies. If you live in Florida and you contact an insurance company that is not licensed by the state, you should not do business with that company. Florida maintains records of all complaints and problems encountered with the various companies. To determine if a company is in good standing, contact the state's department of insurance.

Florida health insurance carriers can refuse to offer a policy based on health issues. Premiums can be determined by the status of your health, age, and other contributing factors. The regulations regarding the option to offer or deny coverage are very lenient in Florida. If you are healthy, it is a good time to obtain health insurance coverage.

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