Fortis Health Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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Fortis health insurance has been around since 1892. The insurance and medical products of Fortis are underwritten by three companies. Fortis Benefits Insurance Company, Fortis Insurance Company, and John Alden Life Insurance Company make up the underwriter pool. Nearly 3,000 employees support the working operations of Fortis Health.

The headquarters of Fortis health insurance is Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There are other offices in Idaho, Florida, and Minnesota with many sales offices throughout the country. Fortis, Inc., is a financial services company building leadership qualities and supporting Fortis Health. Healthcare needs are met with a variety of insurance plans including small group and individual policies.

Provisions of Fortis Health Insurance

Short-term medical and student health insurance are just two of the Fortis health insurance products to meet the needs for insurance care. Fortis products are continually changing to meet the current needs of an ever-changing public. Individual major medical offers flexibility in features for affordable coverage for you and your family. Small group policies are designed for businesses with as few as two or as many as 50 employees.

Fortis also offers international medical insurance through long-term and short-term policies. Most medical plans do not cover travel abroad. An international policy can protect the family from financial disaster as well as providing the necessary treatment for medical emergencies. Finding a doctor in your network is as easy as clicking on your network online.

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