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Fortis Student Health Insurance

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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For college students, student health insurance is a must, especially if the student is an athlete. Fortunately, Fortis student health insurance is able to offer several plans that will provide the coverage you need. These plans cover any full time student taking nine or more semester hours, and they do not require any physical exam or health questionnaire.

The Fortis plan guarantees renewability, even after you graduate. If you're not fully satisfied with the plan, you can return the policy within ten days and your payment will be refunded. If you are satisfied and keep the coverage in effect, you will be covered year round, even if you are not attending school over the summer. It even covers you through the end of the policy year if you have to leave school during the year.

Advantages of Fortis Student Health Insurance

Another good reason to get student health insurance from Fortis is that coverage does not depend on you staying at a specific school. Unlike school policies, Fortis travels with you if you transfer, even to Canada. It is important to note that Fortis student insurance is available to foreign exchange students if they meet the other eligibility requirements.

Some of the additional benefits available to students include maternity benefits, psychiatric and mental illness, and substance abuse rehabilitation. Most colleges and universities now provide outpatient drugs at their health centers, so the Fortis plan only covers drugs prescribed while you are hospitalized. Like any good health care coverage plan, this plan also provides for a deductible carryover that will help you meet your deductible in each new calendar year.

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