Golden Rule Health Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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Golden Rule health insurance offers a variety of personal health insurance plans. Copay plans are available with a copay of $25, $35, and $45. Each plan has the deductible option of $500, $750, and $1,200. Three coinsurance options are offered. Lifetime benefit for the three policies is $3 million.

Optional benefits for all three copay plans are maternity, term life rider, and supplemental accident. The basic plan offers the same benefits. The high deductible plans also include a prescription drug card as optional benefits. Deductible options are from $1,000 to $5,000 on the high deductible plans and from $500 to $5,000 on the basic plan.

Golden Rule Health Insurance Includes Health Savings Account

Employer-sponsored plans from Golden Rule health insurance include The Ultimate HSA and Group 100. The Ultimate HSA is an option for small businesses or groups. This utilizes a health savings account and out-of-pocket expenses to meet a deductible before Golden Rule pays 100 percent of the covered expenses up to $1 million.

Golden Rule health insurance has four Medicare supplements. Plan A is simple basic benefits. Plan C and F cover Part A and B deductibles and other benefits. Plan G also offers at-home recovery benefits. These are not available in all states. Check with your insurance agent for provisions in your state.

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