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Health Care Insurance Providers

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Health care insurance providers are those companies that offer coverage to individuals or groups. They base their rates on complicated statistics that tell them how many people will get sick and what it will cost them to pay for necessary medical services in relation to how much they will collect from each of the people they cover. Whatever is left over is their profit, and that is why they stay in business.

The insurance industry is regulated in each state and at the national level as well. Many health insurance providers actually offer their services throughout the United States. Very few businesses can afford to self insure because the financial risk potential is too great. If your company provides you with comprehensive health care coverage, they do so by contracting with a provider willing to take the risks.

Health Care Insurance Providers and Individual Coverage

Many of the same insurance providers that offer group coverage also have plans for individuals who are self employed, unemployed, or experiencing one of the multitude of situations that can leave them without group coverage. Today it is very possible to find one of these plans on the Internet. They are offered with a wide range of options and can be obtained directly online.

It is more difficult to get individual health insurance coverage because of the same odds and statistics mentioned above. You may have to pass a medical exam, and your rates will almost certainly be higher than those offered to groups. As a consequence of the whole statistics and profits issue, many major providers have created "group" insurance for individuals. They do this by contracting with medical service providers who offer services at set rates, and then the insurance company informs all members of the group that they must use specific doctors and facilities.

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