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Health Insurance License In Oregon

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Before you can obtain a health insurance license in Oregon, you must be fully knowledgeable about the insurance industry and the specific types of insurance you want to sell. The best way to gain this knowledge is to take advantage of one of the more than fifteen pre-license schools operating in the state. Once you have successfully completed one or more of their programs, you will be ready to apply for a license.

It's a good idea to become thoroughly familiar with the State of Oregon Insurance Candidate Handbook before you attempt to schedule the required test or tests. The state contracts with a company called Promissor that conducts all testing for potential insurance agents in Oregon. In addition to registering for the test, you will have to fill out the requisite forms. All of these forms can be found and downloaded from the State of Oregon's Department of Consumer & Business Services Insurance Division website.

How to Use the Insurance Division Website

That site also includes links to all of the important insurance licensing resources you can imagine, including such essentials as where and when the tests are given. There you will find a list of all insurance companies licensed to do business in the state and a warning to beware of unlicensed insurance companies. In the Handbook, you will find a complete list of licensing requirements, how to apply, what to do on exam day, and what it will cost. There are even study guidelines for the tests. Once you have taken the training and passed the test you will be ready to get your health insurance license in Oregon.

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